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Wood Winds Realty LLC was founded on the extensive expertise we gained from owning a thriving Property Management Company in Breckenridge, CO, which has been serving the community since 1990. All of us were born and raised in Colorado, fostering a deep affection for this vibrant state.

Our team, known for their dedication and efficiency, works closely with our clients to help them carve out their dream lifestyle, no matter where that may be. 

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Our Story 

Dave Hartman, Managing Broker, has devoted over three decades to developing his property management business in the vibrant ski town of Breckenridge, CO. Overseeing Homeowner's Associations for more than 40 complexes and managing over 3,000 units, Dave has established a strong presence in the industry. Megan Weisiger, Broker, gained valuable experience working in the family business from a young age, learning the ins and outs of running a successful business. 


Recognizing the opportunities in the Colorado market, Dave decided to bring his daughter Megan into the fold to establish Wood Winds Realty LLC, a Real Estate Company. The business flourished under their leadership, expanding beyond the mountains into the plains, cities, and other mountain towns, catering to clients across the state's diverse landscape.

Dave Hartman

Megan Weisiger

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Meet Dave Hartman, a Licensed Broker and The Managing Broker for the Wood Winds Realty Team.


Dave was born and raised in the Denver Metro Area. He decided to try out the central plains when he went to Doane College. After graduating, the Rocky Mountains pulled him back to sunny Colorado. He then met his wonderful wife and moved to Breckenridge where they raised four children. 


He has spent over 30 years in Breckenridge successfully running a property management, real estate, and lodging company. During those 30+ years, he has tackled contracting projects, full developments, real estate sales as well as purchases, and much more. His experience has given him an astounding view of the pros and cons of a vast number of properties, homes, and complexes around Summit County. 


His love for Summit County shines through his 40+ years of living in Breckenridge, his contributions to Breckenridge, and his excitement to still do the things he loves in this stunning mountain town. 


Dave possesses strong expertise and understanding of Colorado and the housing market, surpassing all expectations. Let him guide you in creating the ideal lifestyle in Colorado.


Some things Dave loves when he is not selling real estate: skiing and teaching his grandkids how to ski, taking his grandkids fishing, being a life cheerleader for his kids, traveling, enjoying the Breckenridge restaurants with his wife, watching the Avs play, playing outdoor games, and diving into intriguing novels on the deck. 

Meet Megan Weisiger, a Licensed Broker for the Wood Winds Realty Team. 


Megan was born and raised in the mountains of Breckenridge. She graduated from the University of Colorado and she still remains a big BUFFS fan. After graduating from Boulder, she moved to Denver and has been living in the area since. 


She spent several years in the Washington Park area, so she was able to gather knowledge and experience of Downtown Denver. Megan and her husband moved to Castle Rock to begin raising a family. After some time in Castle Rock, they moved to Littleton, CO. These transitions provided her with the chance to become well-versed with the front range. Her firsthand experience and proficiency in various areas of Colorado prove to be invaluable to her clients during real estate transactions in this competitive market.


Some things Megan loves when she is not selling Real Estate: playing outside with her children, skiing and teaching her kids how to ski, hiking, chatting about fashion, playing outdoor games, hanging with friends, brewing beer, and slaying it on the Peloton. 

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